Humans Who Inspire – 1

Note to my reader: This post is a part (#4) of ’30 Day Writing Challenge’ that I found on Pinterest. The challenge is a collection of simple writing prompts.

Today’s prompt is ‘Write about someone who inspires you.’ I had come with the idea of ‘Humans Who Inspire’ at a recent family holiday trip when I saw a fellow tourist’s simple act of empathy. More about that in a different post. I thought I should make it a series of posts about people I see in the day-to-day life who inspire to do good.

However, when I saw today’s prompt, I wanted to write about a friend first. The reason – I do not know. I thought, “Why not follow the gut feeling?”

So, ♪ Heeeerre We Go! ♪

Before I begin to talk about this friend, let me tell you I am always blessed with pleasant, feel-good memories on every trip I take, big or small. And this person is the first of such memories that I can consciously recollect.

The friendship between Praneetha and I bloomed when we went on a school excursion to northern India in our 10th std. We were classmates since way before that but we never shared anything more than a courteous smile for each other.  The excursion was a ten day trip and may be we started bonding by day 3 or 4…? I don’t remember. (I am not a ‘dates rememberer’, you see? I am guilty of forgetting my parents’ wedding anniversary, all my friends’ birthdays – including Praneetha’s, consistently every year XD )

We’ve been buddies ever since. We (kind of, mostly) share similar tastes in terms of people who annoy (not similar to the pet peeves I have listed previously. She is not a reader, btw 👿 ), ummm…, then…. TV Shows! Yes, tv shows… We used watch certain tv shows and call each other up after every episode to discuss about it. These calls used to go on till at least an hour each time until both our moms scolded us at our respective ends. 😀 That’s the best memory we both dearly share. 

Get to the inspiration part, you say? Yes, yes. Getting there… got here. 😀 (Me and my stupid “jokes”). Annnyways.

She’s a true lively and cheerful soul. She’s funny – unlike me, always confident – ALWAYS, down to earth, she knows what she’s doing – she’s brilliance inside out.

– Now, don’t think I am sitting here writing all “top of the world” stuff about her just because she’s my friend. No no. There are n number of things about her that annoy me, get onto my nerves, and drive me crazy. I am just jotting the positives because today’s prompt is making me do it. 😛 –

Coming back to the main point – inspiration. She inspires me to just be myself and not to fret over what people think of me. She motivates me to believe in myself and go about doing what I truly love to do, no matter how silly it might seem to others, come who/what-ever may. BTW, her sense of style – love it! She’s teaches me to simultaneously laugh at and appreciate myself. She proves to me that confidence is the best outfit I could ever flatter myself with and that it brings out my best style statement.

Now, it’d be too toooo much if I say, “I am thankful for having Praneetha in my life.”; in our Hyderabadi language – it would be “over-actions” to say that. So, I will let it pass.

Message to Praneetha: Abey! Share this on your fb. Make people read my blog! And yeah, no need to be obliged to me. It’s okay! 😛 XD

Dear reader, who inspires you? How do they do that? Did anybody ever tell you that you inspire them? Share your stories here.



10 Things That Make Me Really Happy

Note to my reader: This post is a part (#1) of  ’30 Day Writing Challenge’ that I found on Pinterest. The challenge is a collection of simple writing prompts.

  1. Smell of paper, petrol, paint, fresh coffee powder aroma, petrichor
  2. Baby’s cackling laughter
  3. Reading
  4. When I am Creative
  5. Learning
  6. Colour
  7. Sending and receiving letters
  8. Fruits, flora, and fauna in our garden.
  9. When I am left alone with a book, and something to drink and munch on
  10. When someone takes the effort to speak the language properly

♫And these are a few of my faaavourite things!♫

Frankly speaking to you, my dear reader, its been quite hard these couple of months – to start or do anything and to keep at it. And hence, no posts on my blog lately. I want to do many things, but I am unable to get myself to do anything. There are lot of brilliant ideas flowing constantly in my brain, but getting myself to execute them – such hell! (A quick google search attributed my symptoms to low dopamine levels. I am working towards getting my levels to normalcy. 🙂 In a healthy, safe, organic way, btw! 😀 )

And so, when I found this writing challenge full of simple prompts on Pinterest, I was more than thrilled. I need not even write all this explanation. But, me just getting myself started by just jotting down a simple list, prompted me to actually to write here. Although there’s nothing really great or important that’s been said so far, it-actually-feels-GOOD! *deep satisfied sigh* I published a post, you see!

See you tomorrow with a brand new post!

The Pixie Transformation

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                If you, my dear reader, have deduced from the title that this post is about a hair-cut, then you, my friend, must be a trend setter or at the least, keep track of the latest trends. If you did deduce the same, but fall under none of the two categories, then worry not – I know I am no Sherlock Holmes or Detective Byomkesh Bakshi or none of the protagonists of Agatha Christie. And, if you did not know that it’s about a hairstyle, it’s no big deal anyway. We do not know about a hairstyle because according to us, the world and it’s people have better important things to ponder on than a mere hairstyle. Now, I say “we” because I would and still fall under that category, if not for this “pixie” part, until recently when I decided to cut my hair real short, and looked up the internet for “which short hair style would suit which facial shape?”

                 I am neither going to discuss my hair journey nor flaunt my new hairstyle, but just so you know, I had long hair from the age of 8 until August, 2016 (not that you care, but still – 😉 😝 ). I had never cut my hair in all those years and trimmed only thrice. I still had thick and long hair.
                 My hair underwent irreparable damage due to exposure to extremely hot environment (natural cause, never chemically/artificial heat treated my hair) for three years, and after getting away from that environment, no amount of all-natural DIY remedies done over a period of an year helped my hair retain it’s original state. I did not want to undergo chemical treatment. And thus, the unthinkable, (literally) the never-ever-dreamt of happened. I decided to start from scratch by chopping off my hair! I love thick, long hair but, that was the ultimate solution I could think of. “It is… for the best,” thought my dramatic self. And so, I got myself a Pixie-Cut. 
No, I don’t regret it. 
No, I don’t miss my long hair because – One, it was damaged beyond repair, and Two, this is part of my thick and long hair journey! 
I am enjoying this journey to the fullest, believe it or not. 
I love my undamaged, luscious short hair! (Though now it’s in the “awkward length” phase.) 
                When I got the pixie-cut, I received “mixed reviews” from people around me. Mom and Dad were supportive since I got the idea, grandpa was in a “do-whatever-you-want” mode, relatives (the conservative ones) gave that weird, painful “but why?” look after the haircut, while most of my friends, (most), liked it. The one appreciative comment some of them (including a few relatives) gave which got me thinking was this – “That’s such a bold step you took, Nikhila!” 
                Hmmmm…. bold step. Well, broadly speaking, in a country like mine, it can be termed as a “bold step” but, I did not personally feel any different. It was a mere solution to my problem. Yes, it is rare in India, where ‘short’ is no shorter than shoulder length hair, that one would find a woman with a pixie-cut. May be I would have felt bold of myself if I had to defy my family and relatives and take a “drastic”measure. But, “luckily” may be, I needn’t had to do that. They were just… alright with it. But frankly, I did think before I got my haircut that I would start feeling different about myself. That something in me would change. And believe me, nothing of that sort happened. Nothing. The only thing that’s changed though, is the amount of shampoo and time that I take to wash my hair – reduced drastically, LOL; and my hair now needs very low maintenance.
            Overall, I am happy with my “new low maintenance hairstyle”. What happened to my long hair, you ask? I donated it for the making of wigs for cancer patients. Something good did come out of it. 😊
P.S.: FYI, is the link. Please check it out and spread the word.