My Top Three Pet Peeves

Note to my reader: This post is a part (#3) of ’30 Day Writing Challenge’ that I found on Pinterest. The challenge is a collection of simple writing prompts.

Hmmmm, this is a tough one.

First of all, if you are like me who always struggle to keep up with the “urban” terminology (I coined it from “urban dictionary”, if that makes sense….?!), here’s what Google Mahashai has to say:

“pet peeve
       noun informal
       plural noun: pet peeves
              something that a particular person finds especially annoying.

              “one of my biggest pet peeves is poor customer service”

Thank you, Google. “Jahanpana! Tussi great ho!”

Now that we have established clearly the meaning of the essence of the post, let’s start listing. (Thank god, it’s just three!)

1. When people do not maintain books/magazines/newspapers properly.

It is not exclusive to just my property; even theirs and public (as in library or shops) property. I just cannot take somebody “irresponsibly” (yes, that’s what I think it is of that species of a person!!) turn pages which leave them crumpled or folded or the worst – end up torn! Or folding the book while reading it! Not folding the newspaper neatly (at least take little effort!) after reading! Staining the book, somebody writing/marking anything even with a pencil in my borrowed book!

(The exclamations at the end of every sentence are self-explanatory. Just in case you still didn’t get it, that portrays my irritation and anger!

Sad that I am just using one at each sentence.)

Just this one pet peeve has the potential to give me nightmares!

2. Tourists who act as if they own the place.

I am just back from a family holiday trip to Horsley Hills and this is something that I have witnessed during my trip.
I hated, literally hated those “tourists” who sit near the silent scenic views of the valley and play (the so-called melodious) songs with full volume! It is a totally different thing if they are the only ones there (even then! Just shut everything up and take in the nature, PEOPLE!!!). What’s the whole point of you going for a quiet holiday?! And moreover, YOU ARE DISTURBING THE REST OF THE LOT, dammit!!! (Apologies for swearing, but can’t help it.)

Then there was this other stupid lot who sit there and compare, with all the loud voice they can gather from their throats, the seemingly similar other picturesque scenic beauties they have previously visited! Why the deuce can’t you just SHUT-UP and be in the present and too?!

For all such species of people out there, here’s some free advice which you should be taking:

post-50395-Everybody-should-be-quiet-near-SuB4Note: Its not just exclusive to a stream!

3. People who don’t read – even worse, are the people who ” (I) don’t understand – why should I read? What’s there in reading?”


Well, don’t understand how you are just not dropping dead!

There you go! My top three pet peeves. Share some of yours too, dear reader. I’d love to know you more. 🙂


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I want to write.

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              For a person who has, over time, become so inconsistent with her posts, that’s a very strong statement. But yes, that’s the truth – I want to write.

             Then why in the world am I not writing? That’s a good question. And here are a ‘series’ of answers.

May be I am procrastinating.
May be I don’t know what to write about.
May be I do have ideas, but apprehensive on what to write about.
May be I am just making excuses. (And I see nodding in agreement here)
May be I am writing them down, but not feeling confident enough to click that ‘Publish’ button. “Why?” you ask? Its because I am way to critical about myself than anybody else, and I just don’t see anything near perfection, if not perfection itself, in my writing. This particular post itself, I am already apprehensive about completing and posting it. I just have to do it.
            A part of me likes to call this, this ‘thing’ I am facing the infamous “writer’s block”; while another part of me goes, “Oh pahleeaassse, save the drama” in derision. And I very well know all of you, again, agree with the other part.

          “So what is your point?” you ask.…I…I want to write. That’s it. I want to write, but I am not able to get myself to do it, and yet I want to write. That’s all. And yes, I am writing, and I will write, and I WILL ‘Publish’ this.

There you go – Published! Hmph!

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