Five Places I Want to Visit

Note to my reader: This post is a part (#5) of ’30 Day Writing Challenge’ that I found on Pinterest. The challenge is a collection of simple writing prompts.

Just five ?! 😥 

1. Mussoorie, India

Mainly to meet one of my favourite authors, Ruskin Bond! ⭐

2. 221B Baker Street, London220px-Targa_holmes_museumObviously! If you don’t understand the obvious, reader, I’m not talking to you! 😡  And, NO I have not chosen this after the TV Series, it’s been chosen after the book. I have been a fan since WAAAAAAAYYYY before the new series came into existence. Humph! :/

3. Mattur village, Shimoga district, Karnataka, India


It is known for the usage of Sanskrit (probably the only place in India) for day-to-day communication. What will I do there, you ask? I have no clue! 😛

4. Bhutan


The only Carbon Negative country in the world. Seriously, I need a break from my surroundings! ^^’

5. Mendenhall Caves, Alaska, USA


Oooh, these are one beautiful glaciers!

BTW, how do I get to know of all such places? I READ. A lot. :/

Well, you see…, here, I can do a section so popularly known these days as “Honourable Mentions”. But NO, the title asked me to just say five and I am just going to tell you the five. 😎 (Inside my head, that sentence sounds so smart and intelligent. *sigh* ^^’ )

Where do you wanna go, reader? Let me know. May be, we share similar interests…?  🙂

Love love!

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Update: WordPress just updated me that this is my 50th blog post on ‘Thoughts of a Strolling Mind’ ! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy! 


Reading Andre Maurois’ ‘Ariel’

Welcome to the first installment of the ‘Book recommend of the month’, readers.

When I started thinking of recommending a good read, the first book that came to my mind is ‘Ariel: The Life of Shelley’ by Andre Maurois. I read the book about an year ago; it is a biography of Percy Bysshe Shelley or P. B. Shelley, a well known English poet.
           I was lent this book, a recommend, by a friend of mine who happens to have a time-worn copy of the 60’s. I loved the smell of its paper…

  • Gist of the story:

          The book portrays the short life of ariel (Shelley) while also giving us a peak-through view into various lives of his relatives, friends – particularly Lord Byron, their sometimes tragic relationships with one another and the role ariel had in them, the effects of these happenings on ariel, and the influence these happenings had on his literary work.
         Like the short life of Shelley, the book is also short and sweet.

  • What I like about the book:

           The narration goes more like any gripping story in a novel with equal importance to various emotions and situations of it’s characters rather than a factual account or mere statements of the important influentual events of the poet’s life, as one expect a biography to be.
           My favourite part of the book is its diction. It makes the book a classic in the biography genre of the early 20th century. I was lent this book when I was craving for a ‘good read’. The books I were reading at the time failed to touch that chord and this book had made itself to the ‘great read’ section of my personal reading list because of that one quality – its diction.

  • General fact(s):

        It happens to be the first book of the publication company ‘Penguin Books’ in 1930. Then it must be quite a read.
        It also happens to be my first book recommend !

I hope you liked my short review and that I have pursued you to put this book on your immediate reading list. Do share your thoughts / suggestions regarding my review, and if you have already read the book please tell me your opinion of it in the comments.

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