My Top Three Pet Peeves

Note to my reader: This post is a part (#3) of ’30 Day Writing Challenge’ that I found on Pinterest. The challenge is a collection of simple writing prompts.

Hmmmm, this is a tough one.

First of all, if you are like me who always struggle to keep up with the “urban” terminology (I coined it from “urban dictionary”, if that makes sense….?!), here’s what Google Mahashai has to say:

“pet peeve
       noun informal
       plural noun: pet peeves
              something that a particular person finds especially annoying.

              “one of my biggest pet peeves is poor customer service”

Thank you, Google. “Jahanpana! Tussi great ho!”

Now that we have established clearly the meaning of the essence of the post, let’s start listing. (Thank god, it’s just three!)

1. When people do not maintain books/magazines/newspapers properly.

It is not exclusive to just my property; even theirs and public (as in library or shops) property. I just cannot take somebody “irresponsibly” (yes, that’s what I think it is of that species of a person!!) turn pages which leave them crumpled or folded or the worst – end up torn! Or folding the book while reading it! Not folding the newspaper neatly (at least take little effort!) after reading! Staining the book, somebody writing/marking anything even with a pencil in my borrowed book!

(The exclamations at the end of every sentence are self-explanatory. Just in case you still didn’t get it, that portrays my irritation and anger!

Sad that I am just using one at each sentence.)

Just this one pet peeve has the potential to give me nightmares!

2. Tourists who act as if they own the place.

I am just back from a family holiday trip to Horsley Hills and this is something that I have witnessed during my trip.
I hated, literally hated those “tourists” who sit near the silent scenic views of the valley and play (the so-called melodious) songs with full volume! It is a totally different thing if they are the only ones there (even then! Just shut everything up and take in the nature, PEOPLE!!!). What’s the whole point of you going for a quiet holiday?! And moreover, YOU ARE DISTURBING THE REST OF THE LOT, dammit!!! (Apologies for swearing, but can’t help it.)

Then there was this other stupid lot who sit there and compare, with all the loud voice they can gather from their throats, the seemingly similar other picturesque scenic beauties they have previously visited! Why the deuce can’t you just SHUT-UP and be in the present and too?!

For all such species of people out there, here’s some free advice which you should be taking:

post-50395-Everybody-should-be-quiet-near-SuB4Note: Its not just exclusive to a stream!

3. People who don’t read – even worse, are the people who ” (I) don’t understand – why should I read? What’s there in reading?”


Well, don’t understand how you are just not dropping dead!

There you go! My top three pet peeves. Share some of yours too, dear reader. I’d love to know you more. 🙂


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Problems of the Writer in Me

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                 Okay firstly – I know it’s a tad bit too much, calling myself that ^. But then….
Alright, alright! If you have so much of a problem in calling me that, then read: Blogger instead!
Happy now!? Huh!
*Deep Breath*
                  Before you read the actual post, I want you to know that if you feel I am a “perfectionist” after reading it, then No, I’m not. If you don’t find it that way, then well and good!
So, where were we?
Yes, probley-mo-s!
                  As a casual blogger (I made up that term), I like to keep my posts that way – casual, as if I am conversing with you (now you know how anybody feel when they’re talking to me – you got it right, Boooorrrrrrrriiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnggggggggg!). While writing my blogposts, if I am thinking two things, one being the main point and the other a mere personal commentary to that, I mention the commentary in brackets after the main point. The words I want to stress are in italics. But then, what about emotions and facial expressions? I am not a “great” writer (Touch-wood!) that I have a way with words; and any of you who have been following my posts for long (cue for you to click that “Follow” button and/or subscribe via e-mail 😇 ) must’ve realized that by now anyway. For facial expressions – I use the emoticons (yes, emoticons! I am “old-school”, so let me be!), but what about the emotions, the tone, the voice modulations?!

                 I have this constant thing going on at the back of my head, “Will my reader ever read it the way it’s going on in my mind?” I mean, stressing on the right words and the way I want you to, pausing right, getting the message right, I mean – in the way I would say it, the exact point or word where I want you to laugh at, frown, ponder etc. (I know. I know you’re like” o.O “), picturing and feeling the emotion in the exact way at the exact point where I want you to feel (as if I have all that stuff in my writing o.O … 😄 ).The meaning, the expression, everything changes when the tone changes, you see? One wouldn’t get the whole and actual essence of it when they read it plainly or with a slightly different tone or expression. That is why punctuation is important, I know. And, I know all the – “We know how to read!” comes naturally to the regular (if not voracious) readers, I mean, even to the ones who have a habit of reading. But, what about those who do not read much? Oh, believe me, I know how horribly plain they read and at the end say, “I don’t get it. What are they trying to say?” And even after you explain, they don’t get it. It makes me furious when I hear that! And, it’s not about my writing I’m talking about; any narrative or a story or any piece of writing. You, my dear reader, might as well say, “Well, why do you bother about them?” Well, I do bother about them! I am a writer (Touch-wood!), I want to be expressive enough that even those non-readers understand when they read my writings (Touch-wood again!)! (And now, I worry even if the normal reader is getting all the weight and emotions of those sentences.)

                You see, it’s different in videos and vlogs. You needn’t worry about all this. I’m sure the vloggers must be having their own worries, but not the basic ones like these! Ah, how simpler their lives are! 
Now what’s the solution then, you ask? There is no solution. Like the title says, I am just stating my problems, not solutions. I am not asking for solutions either.

If you think my problems ended there, ah ah ahhh! Nope. There’s more, my fraaannd!

                   One other big issue I face is when I have to title my posts. You see, I read all these great books – novels, short stories, fiction, non-fiction etc., articles – newspaper, web articles, magazines etc. of all sorts and one of the many things that attract me is a well-worded title. Some of the writers/authors give wonderful titles. They literally play with simple everyday words and create fantastic attention-grabbing titles. Now, look at my titles (read that sentence and the coming one in a boring tone please) – “Problems of the Writer in Me”, “Effects of Synaesthesia On Me“, “I want to write“, and what not! Look at them, I mean, just look at them! Nothing, NOTHING attractive about them. Mere, plain, titles! 
                  Yes, I am critical, way too critical, than anyone else would be, of myself. I do set some high “goals”. Leave, achieving them, I am nowhere near them; I doubt if I even got into the path leading towards them! Hmph! (*Heavy Breathing*)

Up next! 
                 As a blogger, I read many blogs belonging to various niches. I am also part of various blogging forums and communities. Through these, I get to know of many famous and not-so-famous (like me) bloggers. One such famous blogger I recently discovered, who writes in the same niche as I do, is The Bloggess; she even has that “verified account” blue tick () on her twitter account! 😲 (I know, I know what you’re saying – being a blogger for a long time, and I discover her now? Well, I at least discovered her now!) The point is, when I see all these highly successful people (of the same niche, especially), I wonder, “Will I ever be there?” I get into this deep thought about all my choices and dreams…and actions… and what-not! *sigh*
So, Will I be there?
Well, I want to be there.
I hope to be there.
I think… I will be there. May be… soon…?
                 Let me tell you, I never see grammar as an issue. Perfecting it tops my list of priorities. It is THE goal. I am a grammar nazi and I am proud of it. 
                 Frankly, the list of my problems is never-ending. There are many, like – a topic to blog about, the length of my posts, regularity of my postings, the content itself! Many many more; detailed here are some of the prominent ones.
And now, imagine if I start writing a book! I don’t think I need to explain about that!
                 Okay. If you made it till here (I’m truly surprised by your patience; and I think this is the longest of all my posts ever on this blog. Wow, now I proved to myself that I can write something long!), I know I said somewhere above ^ that I don’t need any advice from you. Yet, I want to ask you what do you think of this “weirdness”? Just so you know, I’m not unhappy with my weirdness. I think that’s what helps me write differently. I know some of you might “diagnose” me with all sorts of mental/neurological conditions (I don’t really care. No one has THE PERFECT human brain! I don’t care if someone has it, either). I still want to know your opinion; who knows, it might be the prompt to my next post…? 😉
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P.S.: Both the images are the “story of my life”, by the way.

Update: Found this on twitter, “Aren’t we all waiting to be read by someone, praying that they’ll tell us that we make sense? – Rudy Francisco – “
Now you’d understand my troubles better!