I was so excited about starting this blog that since morning I was thinking of various topics about which I could make my today’s post. And now I am in a confused state because I have lot of topics to write about-the discussion we had in our English class, the Taiwan dollar I received as a small token from my Chemistry professor, my drama rehearsal and what not. Isn’t it the same at first with everyone who starts a blog? Or to say when we start something new? The excitement in keeping up with the new thing would be sometimes at it heights that we sometimes give break(or even leave) a few of our old habits and at the end get confused in what to do.

I’ve no idea till when this is going to last with me.

So, lets see till when this excitement and confusion goes on……

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Nikhila goes fielding!!

This is my second post of the day & of my blog too!!
Day before yesterday and yesterday, I’ve been to the nearby fields of my university for the first time in my life with my ‘English’ professors and my friends. Being from a city background, it was a ‘Brand New’ experience for me. I always read about fields, saw them in movies and various pictures from net and books, heard about them from my parents and grand parents.I always loved them and was very eager to experience them in my life. As my favorite actor Shah Rukh Khan says, “agar tum kisi bhi cheez koh sachche dil se chaaho, toh poorey kainath useh tumse milaney main lag jaathi hain” (if you ask for anything from the bottom heart, the nature itself gets it for you), I’ve been to the fields at last.
I learnt how to jump from one edge onto the other (though it involved getting myself fall into the mud :P), saw one of  my professors crab hunting and most of all had LOTS of  fun!
Thats not all. On our way, we could see lots of birds like ‘Drongos’ (dont know whether the spelling is correct or not), ‘Mynas’, ‘Herrons’, ‘The Seven Sisters’ or ‘Babblers’, ‘King fishers’ and what not….
We could see ponds, different kinds of wild flowers and plants and many many more.
I couldnt take pictures as i do not have a camera. Yet, this experience is still fresh in my mind and would always be with me where ever I go.
So, I think I have to thank the “kainath” for making one of my wishes come true…….

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At last!

At last, after all the queries about blogging, I’ve started my blog! And the amazing thing is that I’ve already got my first follower even before my first post! [Thats my English Professor, one of those who helped me in creating my blog…Thank you ma’am :)] So, another new aspect has started in my life.Lets see how it goes on…………..