The Thematic Journey

If you have been following my blog for sometime now – {if not, Welcome! And it’s time for you to follow now. Never too late for the good stuff, you see?😉😇[Shameless promotion? I know.😀]} – you might have noticed my difficulties with keeping up with any self-challenging/motivating challenges. Look at my “30 day writing challenge” for example; let alone 30, I have not even reached a week😒. And it’s not the case just that once, it has been the case like… forever – for as far back as I could remember! That is why, I never make new-year/birthday resolutions (even just for the sake of it) – because I know I would never do it. So to who, and what, am I trying to prove? 🤷

Ooh! But then, I haven’t stopped taking them altogether and/or not not finishing them. This has been so – always, on and of.  So somehow, (the fault in my stars, maybe🤔), I came across this ‘Inktober‘ challenge on Instagram. Their theme is simple – to give the internet 31 prompts to draw in ink for each day of 31 days of October. And one just has to draw away. That’s it. Simple. Oooh! And, there is no restriction that one has to draw for every prompt for all the 31 days. You are just free to choose when to start and when to stop! So, it’s just for fun- for the sake of give one’s skills a good grind. Of course, there are no prizes or lucky-draws or something; Duh! 😛



So, when I came across this “challenge”, like with every other challenge, I plunged into action with, “Oh yes! I’m going to do this!” But, I think deep down, I knew that I would not complete it; or would definitely give a lot of gaps and never reach the end. In short, I was sort of sure that it wouldn’t be how a challenge ought to be. I started anyway. And lo-and-behold, to my own surprise, I completed each and every prompt, with just one – ONLY one – cheat day (where I combined two prompts, but never ‘skipped’ one)! 😱

Well, this IS a big thing for a person who has never-ever EVER accomplished such challenges! Many of them did turn out well, but each and every one of them received good reviews and encouragement from the Inktober/artist/doodler community. Much grateful for that 🙏. 

Here are a few of my #Inktober posts on my Instagram. You may check all of them out at

Oh all of this is fine, but tell me about this “journey”, you ask? Hmmm 🤔, let’s see.  

Let me not overreact and say, “Oh, it was a roller-coaster ride”😬; it was a mixed experience, definitely positive ones with the higher ranks, though. Never have I ever (pun intended 😜) stuck with any “routine” – if I may bring it down to that – nor have I sincerely committed myself to one. 👈You see this here, is a solid proof, that – like ‘many’body else – I 🙋am afraid of commitments🤷. Hence, committing to AND successfully wrapping up a whole challenge is like… like…. like overcoming a huge subconscious self-imposed… block – of some sort! {You cannot imagine how many times I wanted to stop just because I got “bored” or felt “lazy” or just did not “feel” like it. Oh, my brain – has the ability to come up with some real good excuses for every situation in life. True story✋. Story of my life.}  

Of course, one may define success in many different ways – by the number of likes/amount of attention one gets, or the beauty & the technique of the drawings, or the interpretation & execution of the prompts, or… or… I dunno! However, like beauty, success also lies in the eyes of the beholder 👀. So, did I overcome a fear? Ummm, I wouldn’t look at it as any sort of fear, but definitely, it’s certain kind of an obstacle, set up by my ever excited and ever lazy mind – not being able to commit myself to these “challenges” that I take up enthusiastically.

At the end, I look at it as a sign of me breaking away from my comfort zone, slowly-but-surely, one-step-at-a-time; which obviously is a good thing, isn’t it? It is, it is! So, has the journey ended? Ah-ah-aaahhh! This is just the beginning of me overcoming many many MANY road-blocks🚵. (Ooooh! How filmy! 🕶️🎬🎥) 🤸



Image 1 & 2: Inktober

Image 3: ©nikhkavi

Image 4: Edited from an original by Inktober


Humans Who Inspire – 1

Note to my reader: This post is a part (#4) of ’30 Day Writing Challenge’ that I found on Pinterest. The challenge is a collection of simple writing prompts.

Today’s prompt is ‘Write about someone who inspires you.’ I had come with the idea of ‘Humans Who Inspire’ at a recent family holiday trip when I saw a fellow tourist’s simple act of empathy. More about that in a different post. I thought I should make it a series of posts about people I see in the day-to-day life who inspire to do good.

However, when I saw today’s prompt, I wanted to write about a friend first. The reason – I do not know. I thought, “Why not follow the gut feeling?”

So, ♪ Heeeerre We Go! ♪

Before I begin to talk about this friend, let me tell you I am always blessed with pleasant, feel-good memories on every trip I take, big or small. And this person is the first of such memories that I can consciously recollect.

The friendship between Praneetha and I bloomed when we went on a school excursion to northern India in our 10th std. We were classmates since way before that but we never shared anything more than a courteous smile for each other.  The excursion was a ten day trip and may be we started bonding by day 3 or 4…? I don’t remember. (I am not a ‘dates rememberer’, you see? I am guilty of forgetting my parents’ wedding anniversary, all my friends’ birthdays – including Praneetha’s, consistently every year XD )

We’ve been buddies ever since. We (kind of, mostly) share similar tastes in terms of people who annoy (not similar to the pet peeves I have listed previously. She is not a reader, btw 👿 ), ummm…, then…. TV Shows! Yes, tv shows… We used watch certain tv shows and call each other up after every episode to discuss about it. These calls used to go on till at least an hour each time until both our moms scolded us at our respective ends. 😀 That’s the best memory we both dearly share. 

Get to the inspiration part, you say? Yes, yes. Getting there… got here. 😀 (Me and my stupid “jokes”). Annnyways.

She’s a true lively and cheerful soul. She’s funny – unlike me, always confident – ALWAYS, down to earth, she knows what she’s doing – she’s brilliance inside out.

– Now, don’t think I am sitting here writing all “top of the world” stuff about her just because she’s my friend. No no. There are n number of things about her that annoy me, get onto my nerves, and drive me crazy. I am just jotting the positives because today’s prompt is making me do it. 😛 –

Coming back to the main point – inspiration. She inspires me to just be myself and not to fret over what people think of me. She motivates me to believe in myself and go about doing what I truly love to do, no matter how silly it might seem to others, come who/what-ever may. BTW, her sense of style – love it! She’s teaches me to simultaneously laugh at and appreciate myself. She proves to me that confidence is the best outfit I could ever flatter myself with and that it brings out my best style statement.

Now, it’d be too toooo much if I say, “I am thankful for having Praneetha in my life.”; in our Hyderabadi language – it would be “over-actions” to say that. So, I will let it pass.

Message to Praneetha: Abey! Share this on your fb. Make people read my blog! And yeah, no need to be obliged to me. It’s okay! 😛 XD

Dear reader, who inspires you? How do they do that? Did anybody ever tell you that you inspire them? Share your stories here.