10 Things That Make Me Really Happy

Note to my reader: This post is a part (#1) of  ’30 Day Writing Challenge’ that I found on Pinterest. The challenge is a collection of simple writing prompts.

  1. Smell of paper, petrol, paint, fresh coffee powder aroma, petrichor
  2. Baby’s cackling laughter
  3. Reading
  4. When I am Creative
  5. Learning
  6. Colour
  7. Sending and receiving letters
  8. Fruits, flora, and fauna in our garden.
  9. When I am left alone with a book, and something to drink and munch on
  10. When someone takes the effort to speak the language properly

♫And these are a few of my faaavourite things!♫

Frankly speaking to you, my dear reader, its been quite hard these couple of months – to start or do anything and to keep at it. And hence, no posts on my blog lately. I want to do many things, but I am unable to get myself to do anything. There are lot of brilliant ideas flowing constantly in my brain, but getting myself to execute them – such hell! (A quick google search attributed my symptoms to low dopamine levels. I am working towards getting my levels to normalcy. 🙂 In a healthy, safe, organic way, btw! 😀 )

And so, when I found this writing challenge full of simple prompts on Pinterest, I was more than thrilled. I need not even write all this explanation. But, me just getting myself started by just jotting down a simple list, prompted me to actually to write here. Although there’s nothing really great or important that’s been said so far, it-actually-feels-GOOD! *deep satisfied sigh* I published a post, you see!

See you tomorrow with a brand new post!


Why you should read "The Lees of Happiness"

                   We all read many a story that felt at their end, they were a ‘great story yet simply and elegantly put’ or ‘a brilliant story that was brilliantly told’. Seldom we read stories that are ‘simple yet brilliantly told’. “The Lees of Happiness” by F. Scott Fitzgerald is one such brilliantly written simple story.

                   It is a story, if told plainly, that’s of no great interest or importance or nothing thought worthy. Its a story that could be heard on the lips of any gossiping woman resounding with a sorry, but really not-so-sorry, at any regular tea-party. But, Fitzgerald’s narrative, and that is what draws me towards him over and over, is the one that makes the difference between the tea-table gossip and The Lees of Happiness.

                    A short story of two people who meet after one’s marriage to the other’s friend, and experience love, misery, greed, sorrow, responsibility, death, divorce, friendship; in short, life as a whole. All this without any kind of scandal.

                   Fitzgerald’s narrative transforms The Lees of Happiness from a tea-table gossip to a good tea-table read. A story worth sipping away with your best tea, or coffee if that’s what you take. 🙂

Image: Internet