Five Ways to Win My Heart

Note to my reader: This post is a part (#6) of ’30 Day Writing Challenge’ that I found on Pinterest. The challenge is a collection of simple writing prompts.

This is both tricky and out-of-my comfort zone.

Ok, so all the greaaat fiiiive waaaays I am listing below are self explanatory and hence, this is just going to be a list. Aeenjooyy!

1. You are a little baby (literally, I mean! o.O )
2. You are polite to/smile at people no matter their economic – financial “stature”. In other words, you treat humans as humans

Gosh! This is difficult; I never reflected about myself in these terms!


Ufff! I am just not getting anything!
Oh! Oh! Oh! I know!


3. You are Roger Federer ! ❤
4. You try to ‘go green’, practise to be a ‘minimalist’, believe in sustainability; in short, you care about your carbon footprint, you care about the nature, environment, and earth.
5. You are Mr.Darcy (If you don’t know who he is, then just RUN AWAY FROM ME! 😡 )

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Maaaan, that was hard ! ^^’

Five Places I Want to Visit

Note to my reader: This post is a part (#5) of ’30 Day Writing Challenge’ that I found on Pinterest. The challenge is a collection of simple writing prompts.

Just five ?! 😥 

1. Mussoorie, India

Mainly to meet one of my favourite authors, Ruskin Bond! ⭐

2. 221B Baker Street, London220px-Targa_holmes_museumObviously! If you don’t understand the obvious, reader, I’m not talking to you! 😡  And, NO I have not chosen this after the TV Series, it’s been chosen after the book. I have been a fan since WAAAAAAAYYYY before the new series came into existence. Humph! :/

3. Mattur village, Shimoga district, Karnataka, India


It is known for the usage of Sanskrit (probably the only place in India) for day-to-day communication. What will I do there, you ask? I have no clue! 😛

4. Bhutan


The only Carbon Negative country in the world. Seriously, I need a break from my surroundings! ^^’

5. Mendenhall Caves, Alaska, USA


Oooh, these are one beautiful glaciers!

BTW, how do I get to know of all such places? I READ. A lot. :/

Well, you see…, here, I can do a section so popularly known these days as “Honourable Mentions”. But NO, the title asked me to just say five and I am just going to tell you the five. 😎 (Inside my head, that sentence sounds so smart and intelligent. *sigh* ^^’ )

Where do you wanna go, reader? Let me know. May be, we share similar interests…?  🙂

Love love!

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Update: WordPress just updated me that this is my 50th blog post on ‘Thoughts of a Strolling Mind’ ! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy! 

Humans Who Inspire – 1

Note to my reader: This post is a part (#4) of ’30 Day Writing Challenge’ that I found on Pinterest. The challenge is a collection of simple writing prompts.

Today’s prompt is ‘Write about someone who inspires you.’ I had come with the idea of ‘Humans Who Inspire’ at a recent family holiday trip when I saw a fellow tourist’s simple act of empathy. More about that in a different post. I thought I should make it a series of posts about people I see in the day-to-day life who inspire to do good.

However, when I saw today’s prompt, I wanted to write about a friend first. The reason – I do not know. I thought, “Why not follow the gut feeling?”

So, ♪ Heeeerre We Go! ♪

Before I begin to talk about this friend, let me tell you I am always blessed with pleasant, feel-good memories on every trip I take, big or small. And this person is the first of such memories that I can consciously recollect.

The friendship between Praneetha and I bloomed when we went on a school excursion to northern India in our 10th std. We were classmates since way before that but we never shared anything more than a courteous smile for each other.  The excursion was a ten day trip and may be we started bonding by day 3 or 4…? I don’t remember. (I am not a ‘dates rememberer’, you see? I am guilty of forgetting my parents’ wedding anniversary, all my friends’ birthdays – including Praneetha’s, consistently every year XD )

We’ve been buddies ever since. We (kind of, mostly) share similar tastes in terms of people who annoy (not similar to the pet peeves I have listed previously. She is not a reader, btw 👿 ), ummm…, then…. TV Shows! Yes, tv shows… We used watch certain tv shows and call each other up after every episode to discuss about it. These calls used to go on till at least an hour each time until both our moms scolded us at our respective ends. 😀 That’s the best memory we both dearly share. 

Get to the inspiration part, you say? Yes, yes. Getting there… got here. 😀 (Me and my stupid “jokes”). Annnyways.

She’s a true lively and cheerful soul. She’s funny – unlike me, always confident – ALWAYS, down to earth, she knows what she’s doing – she’s brilliance inside out.

– Now, don’t think I am sitting here writing all “top of the world” stuff about her just because she’s my friend. No no. There are n number of things about her that annoy me, get onto my nerves, and drive me crazy. I am just jotting the positives because today’s prompt is making me do it. 😛 –

Coming back to the main point – inspiration. She inspires me to just be myself and not to fret over what people think of me. She motivates me to believe in myself and go about doing what I truly love to do, no matter how silly it might seem to others, come who/what-ever may. BTW, her sense of style – love it! She’s teaches me to simultaneously laugh at and appreciate myself. She proves to me that confidence is the best outfit I could ever flatter myself with and that it brings out my best style statement.

Now, it’d be too toooo much if I say, “I am thankful for having Praneetha in my life.”; in our Hyderabadi language – it would be “over-actions” to say that. So, I will let it pass.

Message to Praneetha: Abey! Share this on your fb. Make people read my blog! And yeah, no need to be obliged to me. It’s okay! 😛 XD

Dear reader, who inspires you? How do they do that? Did anybody ever tell you that you inspire them? Share your stories here.


My Top Three Pet Peeves

Note to my reader: This post is a part (#3) of ’30 Day Writing Challenge’ that I found on Pinterest. The challenge is a collection of simple writing prompts.

Hmmmm, this is a tough one.

First of all, if you are like me who always struggle to keep up with the “urban” terminology (I coined it from “urban dictionary”, if that makes sense….?!), here’s what Google Mahashai has to say:

“pet peeve
       noun informal
       plural noun: pet peeves
              something that a particular person finds especially annoying.

              “one of my biggest pet peeves is poor customer service”

Thank you, Google. “Jahanpana! Tussi great ho!”

Now that we have established clearly the meaning of the essence of the post, let’s start listing. (Thank god, it’s just three!)

1. When people do not maintain books/magazines/newspapers properly.

It is not exclusive to just my property; even theirs and public (as in library or shops) property. I just cannot take somebody “irresponsibly” (yes, that’s what I think it is of that species of a person!!) turn pages which leave them crumpled or folded or the worst – end up torn! Or folding the book while reading it! Not folding the newspaper neatly (at least take little effort!) after reading! Staining the book, somebody writing/marking anything even with a pencil in my borrowed book!

(The exclamations at the end of every sentence are self-explanatory. Just in case you still didn’t get it, that portrays my irritation and anger!

Sad that I am just using one at each sentence.)

Just this one pet peeve has the potential to give me nightmares!

2. Tourists who act as if they own the place.

I am just back from a family holiday trip to Horsley Hills and this is something that I have witnessed during my trip.
I hated, literally hated those “tourists” who sit near the silent scenic views of the valley and play (the so-called melodious) songs with full volume! It is a totally different thing if they are the only ones there (even then! Just shut everything up and take in the nature, PEOPLE!!!). What’s the whole point of you going for a quiet holiday?! And moreover, YOU ARE DISTURBING THE REST OF THE LOT, dammit!!! (Apologies for swearing, but can’t help it.)

Then there was this other stupid lot who sit there and compare, with all the loud voice they can gather from their throats, the seemingly similar other picturesque scenic beauties they have previously visited! Why the deuce can’t you just SHUT-UP and be in the present and too?!

For all such species of people out there, here’s some free advice which you should be taking:

post-50395-Everybody-should-be-quiet-near-SuB4Note: Its not just exclusive to a stream!

3. People who don’t read – even worse, are the people who ” (I) don’t understand – why should I read? What’s there in reading?”


Well, don’t understand how you are just not dropping dead!

There you go! My top three pet peeves. Share some of yours too, dear reader. I’d love to know you more. 🙂


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Donning a Contagious Smile

Note to my reader: This post is a part (#2) of  ’30 Day Writing Challenge’ that I found on Pinterest. The challenge is a collection of simple writing prompts.

I was at a meet and greet with the immediate next batch of people of a course I had taken recently. Mutual greetings were happening. I went up to one of them and he said to me, “I see that you are always smiling.”

I was confused. It was not a usual first greeting. “Sorry?”, said I. “You always have that pleasant smile on you. You see, we always get these, ‘Smile. It costs nothing.’ kind of ‘forward’ messages on whatsapp; you are actually doing that.” It felt GOOD! 😀

I was surprised at the person’s observation and he immediately connecting it to that “whatsapp forwards” message. When I thought about it later on, I was astounded by how actually true that connection was.

Back in the day (sorry for such an old school phrase. I know it kinda projects me as an old person. But, you will see how relevant that phrase here is) when the internet (I am still talking about the LAN connection, not Wi-fi), forget whatsapp or even smartphones for that matter, was not yet a household thing, there was this wall poster that was quite famous and could be found almost at every household and informal meeting places:                      

This was when I was 8-11 years old and frankly, it influenced me. It influenced me to smile, always, at anybody and everybody, no matter their economic-financial status. It lets me make friends with people of all sorts at various walks of my life. My networking starts with my smile. A genuine welcoming smile every time I meet a person, even if it is the same person for a 100th time.

What is the give-away from this story, you ask? Smile A LOT, my dear you! It not only brings up one on the other person, it will bring upon an even bigger one on you. And, you can boast about it all day to everybody, like I am doing now! ^_^


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10 Things That Make Me Really Happy

Note to my reader: This post is a part (#1) of  ’30 Day Writing Challenge’ that I found on Pinterest. The challenge is a collection of simple writing prompts.

  1. Smell of paper, petrol, paint, fresh coffee powder aroma, petrichor
  2. Baby’s cackling laughter
  3. Reading
  4. When I am Creative
  5. Learning
  6. Colour
  7. Sending and receiving letters
  8. Fruits, flora, and fauna in our garden.
  9. When I am left alone with a book, and something to drink and munch on
  10. When someone takes the effort to speak the language properly

♫And these are a few of my faaavourite things!♫

Frankly speaking to you, my dear reader, its been quite hard these couple of months – to start or do anything and to keep at it. And hence, no posts on my blog lately. I want to do many things, but I am unable to get myself to do anything. There are lot of brilliant ideas flowing constantly in my brain, but getting myself to execute them – such hell! (A quick google search attributed my symptoms to low dopamine levels. I am working towards getting my levels to normalcy. 🙂 In a healthy, safe, organic way, btw! 😀 )

And so, when I found this writing challenge full of simple prompts on Pinterest, I was more than thrilled. I need not even write all this explanation. But, me just getting myself started by just jotting down a simple list, prompted me to actually to write here. Although there’s nothing really great or important that’s been said so far, it-actually-feels-GOOD! *deep satisfied sigh* I published a post, you see!

See you tomorrow with a brand new post!

Living Through 2016

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It is that time of the year where we sit down and rewind the whole calendar year and make plans and/or prepare to make “resolutions” for the one coming up. I am not going to talk about my resolutions (because I don’t make any at the “beginning” of any year. I make them whenever they are required irrespective of the calendar), but to review my life in 2016.

*sigh* Right.

2016 was not a great year definitely, not a “good” year either. It was the result of many, if not all, of my worst decisions in the past (a few the then present ones too). Wait. Let me drop a disclaimer before I go any further.

Disclaimer: I blame no one but myself. I am not looking for sympathy. I am writing this because I want to write about it. 


So, yeah. Not a good year. Nothing, literally NOTHING, of what I wanted to happen, no matter how hard I tried, happened. I went through A LOT of anxiety and depression resulting in anger management issues (I am already quite cranky by default. Sometimes. 😀 ), dangerous negative thinking, procrastination etc. Although I got over depression, anxiety still, to an extent, persists. And, completely irregular sleeping patterns, the inability to get myself to sit down and do something, and when I do sit down, the inability to focus and stop my mind from drifting away… *Shrug*

Then, what did I do? I told myself, “If I can let this happen to myself, I can undo it too.” So, I started meditating and yoga. It was not easy to just start off. Once I did start, I was not consistent either. On and off, on and off. But, they did help. I could see the difference in just two days of starting meditation; meditating for just five minutes. But, like I told you, it was and is difficult for me to just make myself to sit down and do any thing. (Even writing this post, completing this post.)

In spite of all this, at the end of the day, or should I say, by the end of the year, I am a survivor. I have got those survivor instincts. And, for you to survive, you have to battle. Did I win the battle? No. Not yet. But, I know I am on that exact path of winning. My shield is growing stronger day-by-day, my strategies are getting better. There are still those moments where I break down, almost completely, but then, I know I survive. And, that’s what prepares me to be the winner. I got over depression, I will get over with this anxiety. I know I will.

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